Devil’s Pass (AKA The Dyatlov Pass Incident) (2013)

Directed by Renny Harlin and written by Vikram Weet.

Plot: Five students retrace the steps of nine real-life hikers who died horribly in the mountains because they want to try to solve the mystery.


Let us begin by saying that the real story of these hikers that died in the mountains is horrific and DJ and I would never have gone anywhere near those fucking mountains.  Look it up.  It’s creepy as shit.

With that said, this movie took a creepy story and some really great, creepy effects and disappointed the crap out of us.

The main girl is almost unwatchable.  We wanted her to die first, but she’s the “star” so no such luck.

Stupid things were done over and over again.  Like why write the sign in the snow when they could just use the camera to play it back?  And why did her dreams suggest good things to her?  They were strange freakin’ dreams and to us they suggested that they all needed to pack up their shit and get off those mountains.

DJ wishes they had used the creatures more because they were clearly the best part of the movie.  And without giving too much away, I’ll tell you that these “creatures” were “insane”, or at least that’s what the students figure.  But why does insanity mean that you kill people?  And if they’re insane, why do they know not to kill each other?  And what the hell were they eating to stay alive??

The movie literally makes no sense.  Or at least no sense that we liked.  It tried I suppose, to tell us where the creatures came from and why they were pissed off, but it was so stupid!!  Teleportation, government cover ups, time travel – C’MON!!  Honestly, I wanted it to be aliens.  Almost the whole movie I was praying it was aliens.  That would have made some sense.

But it wasn’t aliens.

Sometimes when a movie starts off with a good idea and then thoroughly disappoints, DJ says it “shit the bed”.  Well, this movie didn’t just shit the bed, it rolled around in it, too.

Surprise, I gave it a 17/100 and DJ gave it a whopping 22.


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