Dead Silence (2007)

Directed by James Wan.  Written by Wan and Leigh Whannell.  Starring Ryan Kwanten, Donnie Wahlberg, and Laura Regan.

Plot: A man goes to his hometown in search of answers after his wife is brutally murdered.


So, there’s not many bad things we have to say about this film.  I mean, there’s absolutely no Freddy Claws.  No one believed a word poor Ryan said throughout the movie.  Except the undertaker I suppose, and that didn’t really matter since the cop, Donnie, was always on his ass.  But that’s all the bad things we have to say.  

Well, also DJ didn’t like the ending, so he was upset about that, but I actually enjoyed it since it scared the shit out of me.  

The whole movie scared the shit out of me.  The opening scared the shit out of me.  The middle scared the shit out of me.  The whole thing had me on edge the whole damn movie and I LOVED THAT!!  It’s one of the horror movies that still scares me every time I sit down to watch it.  Even now I’m looking at the above picture of “Mary Shaw” and I keep waiting for her to move her head to stare at me.  I’ll just have to remember not to scream.  LOL

The direction and script are great, but I’m a big fan of Wan and Whannell and the work they do together.  

I own this movie.  I can’t watch it alone.  It’s creeptastic.  And that little rhyme in the movie will haunt me forever:

“Beware the stare of Mary Shaw.  She had no children, only dolls.  And if you see her, do not scream.  Or she’ll rip you’re tongue out at the seam.”

Anyway, it’s obvious that I recommend this movie completely.  And if possible, take a look at the alternate ending.  I think it’s even scarier than the ending they went with.

My score is 75/100.  DJ’s is 65.  


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I love 28 Days Later and insist that they are zombies. Infected zombies, but zombies. It's not like they're coming back, are they? No. I also have a strange obsession with Brainscan because I have a stranger obsession with Edward Furlong (mostly pre-drugged up Edward - bless his heart, I've met him and he's lovely and I'll love him till I die). Besides horror I'm addicted to writing about everything I see and think and feel. Also, I read a lot and watch too many game shows. Currently reading Poe and watching Idiotest.
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