After Midnight (1989)

Written and directed by Jim and Ken Wheat.  Starring Marg Helgenberger.  

Plot: A college professor discusses the psychology of fear with his students by telling them a few scary stories.

After Midnight 1989 5

First story:  The Old Dark House – A couple gets stranded on a dark road and a big surprise is coming to them.  DJ said that this is the reason he doesn’t like surprises.  

Second story:  A Night On the Town – It’s a dog eat people kind of world sometimes.  Message: don’t go into a bad neighborhood and act fucking stupid.

Third story:  All Night Operator – A telephone operator gets really creepy phone calls from a stranger.  It’s sort of a “When A Stranger Calls” like story, but we think this ending is cooler.  This was our favorite story of the three.

The wraparound story, Allison’s story, unfortunately sucked.  They gave us a few decent horror stories and then they tie them together with bullshit.  It’s a shame.  It would have received a higher score if it was done more successfully.  

It was a decent movie.  Nothing spectacular, but worth a watch if you have some time to kill.  

We agree on this score:  54/100


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