Hellraiser 4: Bloodline (1996)

Written by Peter Atkins, Directed by Kevin Yagher and Starring Doug Bradley, Adam Scott and Courtland Mead

Plot: We learn the history of the box and then we have cenobites in space, which by the way would’ve made a killer title.


First off i love the chatter beast, look at him, so cute…i mean vicious, yea, grr. Moving on, great new cenobites all around.  Tara didn’t like though that Pinhead hurt 2 of them since they appeared innocent but hell could technically stay open in this one because of             Le Marchant so i guess anyone is fair game. Pinhead is trying to make the opening/connection forever and Le Marchants descendant is trying to destroy him. Great nasty parts, kills and transformations. Tara and i disagreed on the rules of the movie, i liked them, she didn’t. I loved the Pinhead dialogue, “I am so exquisitely empty”, chills. did i mention the year is 2127? yea so prepare for the future!!! which incidentally is in some cases less advanced than some stuff we already have but hey time travel movies, what are ya gonna do? Good effects, motive and innovation. Tara liked the ending, i thought it was meh.   we both liked it, Tara with a 53/100 and i gave it a 67/100, if you are a big fan of the franchise, you should like this one.


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