Hellraiser : Revelations (2011)

Written by Gary J. Tunnicliffe. Directed by Victor Garcia. Starring Stephan Smith Collins and Tracey Fairaway

Plot: Two friends discover a puzzle box in Mexico, which opens a gateway to Hell.


An absolute travesty!!! Are you surprised by my conclusion? You shouldn’t be. This movie was terrible in every important way, bad acting, bad writing, terrible reinventions of beloved characters. I do not in any way hate remakes or re-imaginings but this is garbage pure and simple. You have pudgy Pinhead trying to improve upon the original Doug Bradley portrayed, Clive Barker written genius with sub par acting and writing. This Pinhead’s one liners are clumsy, melodramatic versions of a brilliant idea. This is what happens when you let just anyone make a movie. The only thing that looks halfway decent are some of the effects which they waste on Pinhead by making him look like a bloody over filled jelly donut. We both hated this movie and gave it a big fat ZERO. 0/100  Do not watch this for your own damn good.


About DJVoorhees13

I don't believe in long winded reviews. I love Jason Voorhees. My favorite Friday is Friday 4: The Final Chapter (even though it isn’t), but I even like Friday 5: A New Beginning. I know the killer is not technically Jason, but you gotta love little Reckless and the blonde woman who keeps throwing him around. My guilty pleasures are Return of the Living Dead Parts 1 – 3. I know they’re not everyone’s favorites, but I can watch them over and over again with no reprieve. I also happen to think that Return of the Living Dead 3 characters Julie and Curt have one of the greatest love story ever told. When I’m not watching horror movies, I’m usually watching old TV shows or reading books/comics. Currently watching Star Trek: Voyager and reading anything by Dante Alighieri.
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