Fear of the Dark (2003)

Directed by K.C. Bascombe.  Written by John Sullivan.  Starring Kevin Zegers.

Plot: a boy is afraid of the dark because he’s convinced that something lives inside of it


This movie follows a really whiny little boy who’s afraid of the dark, but won’t actually tell anyone why.  At least not the whole truth of it.  You see, monsters live inside the dark and for some reason only he can see them.  But even when he shows up with scratches on his back he doesn’t tell anyone how he got them.  We’re not saying that everyone would believe him right away, but if he at least tried we would have cared more.  Good news though, we did care about his brother (played by Kevin Zegers) and his brother’s soon-to-be girlfriend.

The best thing about the movie is the monsters.  They remind us of the “Gentlemen” from Buffy.  If you don’t know who they are, trust us, they’re freaky.  Also, there’s this old woman that lives in the dark as well and she is scary as shit.  (My brother has an unnatural fear of old women actually.  It’s a bit strange, but everyone’s afraid of something.  So, no hard candies for him I suppose.)

DJ didn’t love the story.  He felt it was too underdeveloped.  (Like, what really happened to the girl’s little brother?)  But the cast is good, the lighting was exceptional, it followed rules and it made us jump, which we love!

We both recommend it.  DJ gave it a 62/100 and I gave it a 75.


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