The Bay (2012)

Written by Barry Levinson and Michael Wallach. Directed by Barry Levinson.                   Starring Will Rogers and Kristen Connolly

Plot: chaos breaks out in a small Maryland town after parasites start killing people.THEBAY_ONESHEET_FM.indd

This movie is nasty, especially if you don’t like bugs.(which I don’t!…well actually just one kind of bug but whatever, moving on!) People keep on polluting and nature creates a parasite that kicks back. Soap box time! If we keep killing nature, nature will kill us, not if, when. Diseases are natural occurrences. Ever wonder why so many affect us?? Anyway, the main woman is highly annoying. She is upset way too many times, just tell the damn story, we don’t care that you’re upset. You’ll understand when you watch it.

This has a great motive and set of special effects. It followed rules, was realistic and had good acting. With a nice surprise at the end. We were scared to drink anything after the movie lol which is a sign of a good movie. Overall it was very well made and kept our interest. We dug the message. Tara gave a 78/100 and i gave it a 79/100. We highly recommend this movie. It will entertain and might make you think.


About DJVoorhees13

1. If I could manage it, I'd love to learn a new language. 2. My favorite piece of clothing is my Philadelphia Eagles tee shirt. 3. The fictional place I'd most like to go to is the Starship Voyager so I could explore space. 4. I once spent exactly 6 hours (no more, no less) working at a Burger King. 5. If making people laugh were a sport, I'd win the gold every time. 6. My favorite drink is Yoo-Hoo. 7. The best non-horror movie I've seen recently is Wonder. I loved the book, too. 8. My favorite bands are the Beach Boys and The Monkees. I've even seen The Monkees in concert. 9. Danny Trejo is my idol. He's overcome so much and he's super nice in person. 10. The most heartwarming thing I've ever seen is this old couple in the doctor's office. They were poking each other playfully and their love just filled the room.
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