Infestation (2009)

Written and Directed by Kyle Rankin. Starring Christopher Marquette, Brooke Nevin and Ray Wise

Plot: pretty simple, giant bugs attempt to take over the world.

300px-Infestation_posterThis is a really funny movie, reminiscent of old school giant creature movies but with better effects. They use those effects to make some nasty bugs. Two kinds, “normal” and hybrids, Tara thinks the latter is worse, i find them equally gross. The queen bothers me the most!

We follow an office worker who would rather play made up games than work but isn’t that what most of us want to do? The game he plays is amusing but the movie goes quickly into the story which is quite entertaining itself. It followed rules with good direction and realistic writing. The opening grabbed us and the ending was satisfying. We take an optimistic view of it.

Brooke Nevin is hot and Christoper Marquette is cool so it is easy to root for them. Hugo also rules! There are boob shots, good acting, plenty of laughs and a lot of heart, we strongly recommend you watch this. Tara gave a 93/100 and i gave it a 95/100. We have nothing bad to say.


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1. If I could manage it, I'd love to learn a new language. 2. My favorite piece of clothing is my Philadelphia Eagles tee shirt. 3. The fictional place I'd most like to go to is the Starship Voyager so I could explore space. 4. I once spent exactly 6 hours (no more, no less) working at a Burger King. 5. If making people laugh were a sport, I'd win the gold every time. 6. My favorite drink is Yoo-Hoo. 7. The best non-horror movie I've seen recently is Wonder. I loved the book, too. 8. My favorite bands are the Beach Boys and The Monkees. I've even seen The Monkees in concert. 9. Danny Trejo is my idol. He's overcome so much and he's super nice in person. 10. The most heartwarming thing I've ever seen is this old couple in the doctor's office. They were poking each other playfully and their love just filled the room.
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