They (2002)

Directed by Robert Harmon.  Written by Brendan Hood.  Starring Laura Regan, Marc Blucas and Ethan Embry.

Plot: a group of people that had night terrors as a kid are now being hunted by strange creatures that come for them in the dark


Laura Regan is threatened by creatures that live in the dark.  Her stupid boyfriend, Marc Blucas, doesn’t believe her at all.  He believes she’s going crazy, but he won’t even lay with her when she’s clearly upset, so he gets no likability points.  The only person in the movie really worth points at all is Ethan Embry, who not only believes Laura, but he’s going through the same thing.  And he’s smart about it.  He makes smart choices.  He can’t save everyone, but he tries.

The high point in this movie are the actors.  Everyone is really good and really believable.  And the story is a good one, but it’s not the best.  So much more could have been/should have been done with this plot.  There was terrible Freddy Claws (mostly because of her jackass boyfriend).  And there was no explanation for the creatures in the dark.  Where did they come from?  Why are they in the dark?  Why are they only coming for these people?  Etc. etc.

Also, and this takes away almost all the realism points, the mental hospital in the movie is completely unreal.  If a patient was really going off, they’d be strapped down and sedated so they wouldn’t hurt themselves.  There wouldn’t be actual glass mirrors and wire hangers in mental hospitals either.  It is apparent that the director has never actually visited such an establishment and it’s distracting from the film.

I wanted to like it though.  I gave it a whole 42/100.  DJ didn’t care as much and only gives it a 36.  Give it a go if you want.  It’s not like it’s a terrible movie, it just wasn’t for us.


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