A Happy Halloween 10 must watch movies for the season!

This is my personal list of 10 movies i NEED to watch in October. I’m not numbering these because i just can’t rank them. Some are obvious, some much less so. But these are my holiday favorites, let me know what you think!

trick-r-treat-5108b4cece4c2Trick R Treat— An underrated movie in my mind, some genuine chills and is well made, give it a gander

hellraiser-boxHellraiser, simply one of my favorites of all time so i have to watch it periodically

Friday-the-13th-image-2Friday the 13th. Another favorite, i try to watch the entire series every October.

smileySmiley. A scary movie that doesn’t get near the love and attention it deserves. a rare and frightening slasher movie, watch it!

2jahyx2Halloween series. This is an obvious pick but who can resist Halloween on Halloween?!

ReturnOfTheLivingDead_GROUP2Return of the Living Dead. An absolute favorite of mine. Cheesy fun and the right amount of gore. It makes me laugh and i love Linnea Quigley as the “shy” Trash haha.

ABBOTT_AND_COSTELLO_MEET_FRANKENSTEIN_22x28_r56_RealartAbbot and Costello meet Frankenstein. An undeniable classic that is a ton of fun. You can’t have Halloween without the classic monsters!

Monster_Squad_MonstersMonster Squad. No way you can “bogus” to this irreverent classic. All the monsters are there along with a brand of kid humor that just doesn’t get made today.

14-These-Stephen-King-Connections-Will-Blow             The Stand. The ultimate in good versus evil. Now this is a mini serious of course but it is too good to not include. Mother Abigail is one of my favorite movie characters ever!

nightmare1The Nightmare Before Christmas. This is a must watch for me on December as well as October. A twisted blend of song and macabre that works as well now as when i first saw it years ago. Some of my favorite songs about Halloween ever in this movie.


About DJVoorhees13

1. If I could manage it, I'd love to learn a new language. 2. My favorite piece of clothing is my Philadelphia Eagles tee shirt. 3. The fictional place I'd most like to go to is the Starship Voyager so I could explore space. 4. I once spent exactly 6 hours (no more, no less) working at a Burger King. 5. If making people laugh were a sport, I'd win the gold every time. 6. My favorite drink is Yoo-Hoo. 7. The best non-horror movie I've seen recently is Wonder. I loved the book, too. 8. My favorite bands are the Beach Boys and The Monkees. I've even seen The Monkees in concert. 9. Danny Trejo is my idol. He's overcome so much and he's super nice in person. 10. The most heartwarming thing I've ever seen is this old couple in the doctor's office. They were poking each other playfully and their love just filled the room.
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