Black Sabbath (1963)

Directed by Mario Bava.  Written by Bava, Alberto Bevilacqua, Ivan Chekov, Marcello Fondatam, F.G. Snyder and Aleksei Tolstoy.  Starring Boris Karloff.

Plot: your basic trilogy of terror


All three stories are introduced by horror icon Boris Karloff.  They are unrelated and each filled with it’s own brand of horror.

The first story, “The Drop of Water”, is very, very creepy.  We don’t think we could watch this one alone.  It’s about a woman who steals from a corpse and then is surprised when she begins to be haunted.  The direction is spectacular, lighting is eerie and the atmosphere is so well done that it produces one of the creepiest scenes we’ve ever seen.  Good script, good ending, great effects and totally rewatchable.

The second story, “The Telephone”, is not done as well.  It’s about a woman  receiving obscene phone calls from a person she thought long gone.  It was realistic and the acting was good, but the soundtrack was horrible.  It made it feel more like a gangster movie than a horror movie.

The third and final story, “The Wurdalak”, was our least favorite.  It was just so very drawn out and kind of boring.  A little Poe-esque though, so that was cool.  It’s a vampire story where the vampires only drink the blood of the people they love.  It followed rules, which was nice, and it has one of the best lines from a movie EVER.  The old guy says “Aren’t I allowed to molest my grandson?”  Umm.  No.  No, you’re not.  I guess molest was a different word in the 60’s.

For the whole film, all 3 stories combined, we both give the movie a 62/100.  Mostly though the points are for the first story alone.  It really is worth watching, just don’t blame us if you have nightmares.


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