The Sea Beast (2008)

Written by Paul Ziller and Neil Elman. Directed By Paul Ziller.

Starring Corin Nemec and Miriam McDonald.


Plot: After several deaths in a small fishing town, a fisherman and a marine biologist go searching for the sea beast that killed them.

This is a SyFy movie so we didn’t expect much, however we were pleasantly surprised. It was good, kind of in a so-bad-it’s-good way but sometimes that’s awesome! Though parts were a little boring.

This was better than your average SyFy movie and it had a good cast, Miriam McDonald is super hot, you may remember her from Degrassi. Plus she was badass in this, her boyfriend should have followed suit. Instead he was a little bitch. He gets all mad real quick lol.

The movie had a good motive, they were hungry so we gave it zombie motive points because what;s better than eating besides revenge, ya know. Bad Freddy Claws, a lot of people spent the whole movie arguing.

All in all we both liked it, it was entertaining in a B movie way, Tara gave it a 54/100 and I gave it a 68/100, I think you might be surprised at this movie if you give it a shot.


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