Tales of a 5th Grade Zombie Slayer (Web Series)

***We don’t always do web series, but today we do!  DJ and I made a zombie movie when we were kids and unfortunately we don’t have footage anymore.  Thankfully, these guys made this and it’s enough to get us by.  LOL

Episode 1 - Day 1

Episode 1 – Day 1

Directed, written and produced by Jeffrey McLaurin and Carl Smith.  Starring some very talented little kids by the names of Gabe Krut, Jourdan Jackson, Marco Baroudi, Tyler Desharnais and Wyatt Chapman.

Plot: in a different sort of apocalypse, a virus kills all adults and turns little kids into zombies – Living Kids vs. Living Dead Kids!

Every episode of this web series will focus on a new day and a new set of kids fighting to survive.  We like this concept while at the same time NOT ENJOYING IT AT ALL.  Damn it if after we finished the first episode we didn’t really, really, really want to know what happened to Trent, Chloe and cute, little Parker.

Day 1 - Behind the Scenes

Day 1 – Behind the Scenes

Episode 1 is excellent.  These kids are really good little actors, it has superb Freddy Claws, and the effects were excellent for a web series.  It’s not really a spoiler per se, so let me tell you that when that kid’s leg comes off it looks really well done.  We were impressed.  And while it’s not a scary show, it is incredibly tense.  For instance, if we could have jumped into the show and pushed Parker up that ladder ourselves, we would have.

The only negative comment we have is that one of the kids reactions to finding his mother dead wasn’t necessarily that realistic, but we give it some leniency.  We suppose that there’s no time for a kid to have a meltdown in a 10-minute webisode.

Episode 1 - Day 1

Episode 1 – Day 1

We also got a sneak peek at the 2nd episode ‘Day 57’.  We were introduced to a new set of kids who we didn’t like as much as the 1st set, but we’re assuming that’ll happen every now and again.  You’re not going to love them all.  However, the direction and appearance of the series was still good and the tension was on par with the first episode.

‘Day 1’ is currently a submission in the Horror Block Monstrous Movie Contest and can be seen here:

The second episode, ‘Day 57’, will be seen online in a couple of months.

Scoring both episodes together, I give the new series a 71/100.  DJ gives it an 80.  It is definitely worth watching and we will watch again.  We just hope they break their own rules and bring back the kids from the first episode so we can see what becomes of them.

Episode 2 - Day 57

Episode 2 – Day 57


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  1. I just saw the latest one too. The first is by far my favourite as the kids were adorable, but I enjoyed Day 57 for different reasons. I just want more eps dammit!

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