Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

Written by The Vicious Brothers. Directed by John Poliquin. Starring Richard Harmon Jennica Fulton and Charlie Kerr.

Plot: A film student who is obsessed with the first film visits the same psychiatric hospital and encounters the same dangers.

vlcsnap-2013-01-22-23h06m41s9This film is fucking funny but be prepared there are plenty of jump scares! It is genuinely tense in places. It had a really good premise with great effects and awesome camera work.

The people and the dialogue were hugely realistic, great writing all around. I personally liked this cast more than the original. I found it followed rules but Tara hated the rule changes and thus the ending.

Likable people in the beginning but then they turned on the stupid! Plenty of stupid to go around in this including a gung ho rent-a-cop. Why if you thought the first one was real would you go to the same place?? moron. O and yes let’s split up all the time!

This movie is kind of a slow burn but it picks up quite well. Tara didn’t find it very re-watchable and i agree to a certain extent but I think it is definitely worth a watch.

Tara gave it 59/100 and I gave it a really good 72/100.


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