Grave Encounters (2011)

Written and directed by The Vicious Brothers.

Plot: the crew of a ghost hunting show spend the night in an abandoned mental hospital and – of course – they find out that the rumors are truer than they believed

grave-encountersThis movie is fucking scary and for that reason alone we really enjoyed it.  Things scare us, we’re not gonna lie, but a movie hasn’t made us jump this high in a long time.

The ghost hunters in the movie don’t actually believe in ghosts.  We imagine that’s probably more of a reality than we want it to be.  Have you seen those ghost hunting shows?  They seem very unrealistic.  In this movie, the crew is laughing behind-the-scenes at the whole idea of ghosts and when shit starts getting freaky 2 crew members want out immediately.  Like, duh guys, you’re hunting ghosts and you never actually prepared yourselves for what might happen if you actually came across one?  AMATEURS!! Because of this it was hard to like anyone a whole lot at first.  We kind of just wanted to smack them.  At one point one of them even exclaims, “This place is about as haunted as a sock drawer.”  To that we ask –

Why can’t sock drawers be haunted??

It’s a good script though and really good acting.  These people have some of the best reactions to horror that we’ve ever seen.  They were honest, believable, sometimes funny as hell and sometimes heartbreaking.  Towards the end of the movie it gets disturbingly realistic and unpleasant.  Suddenly these people you wanted to hit become people you want to shine a light on and say, “It’ll be okay.  Come with us.  We’ll take you somewhere warm where you don’t have to debase yourselves.”

The worst thing about the film was that it had no rules.  No simple way – or any complex one for that matter – to survive.  But the effects were awesome and the direction was terrific.  The Vicious Brothers know exactly what to do and when to do it to scare the shit out of me and DJ.  We highly recommend you see this movie if you’re a horror fan who actually likes to be scared.  We give it a 76/100.


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