RIP Betsy Palmer

It’s a sad day when a horror icon dies.  Especially one as beautiful and kind as Betsy Palmer.  DJ and I got the chance to meet her and she was incredible.  She hugs tight and talks softly, that is until she gets onstage for a panel discussion and utters the famous, “Kill her, Mommy.  Kill her.”  She loved what she did, she loved her fans and we loved her.

RIP Betsy.

Me and Betsy.

Me and Betsy.

DJ and Betsy.

DJ and Betsy.


About TaraRomero

I love 28 Days Later and insist that they are zombies. Infected zombies, but zombies. It's not like they're coming back, are they? No. I also have a strange obsession with Brainscan because I have a stranger obsession with Edward Furlong (mostly pre-drugged up Edward - bless his heart, I've met him and he's lovely and I'll love him till I die). Besides horror I'm addicted to writing about everything I see and think and feel. Also, I read a lot and watch too many game shows. Currently reading Poe and watching Idiotest.
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