Nightbreed (1990)

Written and Directed by Clive Barker.

Starring Craig Sheffer, Doug Bradley and David Cronenberg.

Plot: It’s about a group of monsters that live in a place called Midian and a man named Boone who dreams he belongs there.

main-osbourn-nightbreed_LRGFirst off check out this great art that is featured on a tee by our friends over at

This is going to be an unpopular post but here goes lol. We don’t understand why this is a cult classic. We just do not get the hype and i am going to try to explain why.


So what i got from the movie is Boone is the prophesied savior of the Nightbreed and after he becomes one of them he must help them stand up to the naturals which are the humans and defeat a serial killer, but at the end the serial killer has become “master” to a new breed of monster that want to kill the Nightbreed…

Bearing that in mind, i loved the Nightbreed creatures, as usual Clive came up with creatures i found fascinating. I loved the effects but that unfortunately is where my love ends. Everyone seemed way too ok with the realization that there were monsters in he cemetery. I really think there could have been more innovation. There was so much happening and it jumped from one thing to the next with little to no explanation of what was actually happening. That is really the bottom line that i just did not “get” this movie, it was well acted and well made but i didn’t find it interesting or entertaining due to over complication and little concrete story.

My sister doesn’t generally like “weird” movies, not adventure or Tim Burton esque or other Clive Barker movies so it wasn’t much of a surprise that she didn’t like this one.

Tara gave this movie an abysmal 13/100 and just didn’t like it with a score of 34/100.

Disagree with us ?? as im sure many of you do, let us know why in the comments.


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