The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

Directed by Peter Cornwell.  Written by Adam Simon and Tim Metcalfe.  Starring Virginia Madsen, Kyle Gallner, Martin Donovan and Elias Koteas.

Plot: just your basic family moving into a house that is haunted – although in this one it’s not at all surprising because the house used to be a funeral home


This movie is based on a true story.  Not as a rule of thumb, but more of a statistical fact, we don’t usually like “true stories”.  This one was no different.  I will say that unlike many other true stories, this movie actually contains a lot of truth.  There was a family, they did live in an old funeral home and strange things did happen.  Of course there were no ghosts with writing on them and Jonah was completely made up, but those are slim changes compared to some other films we’ve seen.

There are a lot of flaws in the film though.  The parents aren’t likable at all.  I’m not sure what they were like in real life, but the movie just made us feel sorry for the kids.  The mother was completely smotherly and never listened to what the cancer stricken kid said. And the father spent most of the movie drunk.  Also, there were no rules and no Freddy Claws.  And the ghosts themselves made little sense.  We may be a little confused – perhaps we missed something – but are the ghosts evil or just vengeful?  And why was he trying to free them if they killed him?  And why was he keeping the bodies in the walls anyway?

There were high points though.  The cast was great and the movie was acted well.  We believed in all there characters whether we liked it or not.  The movie was well made, of course, and also quite horrifying.  I would NEVER watch this movie alone.

DJ simply disliked it and gave it a 29/100.  I liked it a little, but didn’t think it had anything to differentiate itself from the pack.  I give it a 48/100.

PS – This post was published before, but under DJ’s name because I had a mind fart.  Sorry for the confusion.


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