Antisocial (2013)

Written By Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald. Directed by Cody Calahan

Starring Michelle Mylett and Cody Ray Thompson

Plot:  5 friends throwing a New Years Eve Party become trapped inside the house due to a worldwide epidemic of murder.


I though it was a cool idea for a movie but i wanted a different execution, Tara just though it was heavy handed bullshit,  she gets it social media is killing us, will kill us has killed us, someone really need to come up with something new is what she thinks.

The opening and ending were cool and it was fast paced but i just wasn’t getting sucked in to the story. There wasn’t a ton of character development or back story so we weren’t all that upset when someone died because we didn’t feel a connection. The two main characters are fucking awful. The gay guy was cool though.

The movie was a bit uneven overall, some was fast but some parts crawled along. Though the box cover does come into play which is cool because it doesn’t happen often anymore.

All in all it was well made but just kind of meh…Tara gave it a 36/100 and I gave it a 43/100


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I don't believe in long winded reviews. I love Jason Voorhees. My favorite Friday is Friday 4: The Final Chapter (even though it isn’t), but I even like Friday 5: A New Beginning. I know the killer is not technically Jason, but you gotta love little Reckless and the blonde woman who keeps throwing him around. My guilty pleasures are Return of the Living Dead Parts 1 – 3. I know they’re not everyone’s favorites, but I can watch them over and over again with no reprieve. I also happen to think that Return of the Living Dead 3 characters Julie and Curt have one of the greatest love story ever told. When I’m not watching horror movies, I’m usually watching old TV shows or reading books/comics. Currently watching Star Trek: Voyager and reading anything by Dante Alighieri.
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