Prowl (2010)

Written by Tim Tori and Directed by Patrick Syversen.  Starring Ruta Gedmintas, Josh Bowman and Perdita Weeks.

Plot: 6 friends accept a ride from a trucker and end up running for their lives when he drops them off in an unknown place to be hunted by vampire type creatures.


We didn’t really care for these obnoxiously stupid young people accepting a ride from a stranger. The beginning wasn’t anything special, we’ve seen other movies start the exact same way. The vampire things have been done before, they look like the 30 Days of Night vampires.

The “twist” was super predictable , i saw it coming pretty quickly. We ended up liking the vamps more than the people in this movie because they were just trying to survive and personally they weren’t killing smart people, children or families, just junkies and stupid people who accept rides from strangers and then get drunk and high in the trailer of his truck.

The end was good but we were hoping for something a little different, we will just imagine she did what we wanted her to do and that’s what all the shots of her running on her own were about.

We thought it was a really good concept. Great motive, followed rules, realistic with good acting. Good story but no boob shots lol. We were pleasantly surprised by the whole film, thought it would be more run of the mill but it was good.

We both recommend this movie with a score of 70/100.


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