The Ouija Experiment (2011)

Written and Directed by Israel Luna.

Plot: 5 people play with a Ouija board, laying out 3 rules to insure safety, but after they fail to follow the most important rule, ghosts begin to follow them around, leading to creepiness and death.


This is a genuinely creepy movie with several jump scares. The acting wasn’t all bad however the girl they chat with online is a horrible actress but everyone else was pretty decent considering, even “Joseph”. The most unlikable character , “Calvin” was such an ass and yet everyone just let him be one, no one calls him on his shit so that was annoying.

Not as bad as we thought it would be, for the budget it has it was actually quite good. Good reworking of the Ouija scare, they had rules and followed them, the ending made sense. Good script, effects were light but scary as hell and we thought it was funny in parts.

No boob shots but you see a big man ass so totally not the same thing lol.

Overall a nice little low budget gem, we both gave it a 63/100


They already had a connection to the ghosts after they played with the board so we really thought that their birthdays matching up with certain events was overkill and stupid and it actually took something away from the plot.


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