Legion (2010)

Written by Scott Stewart and Peter Schink. Directed by Scott Stewart.

Starring Paul Bettany, Lucas Black, Adrianne Palicki, Tyrese Gibson, Charles S. Dutton, Willa Holland and Dennis Quaid.

Plot: God has lost his faith in us once again and an army of angels comes to take us out, but one angel, Michael, has come to protect us and the baby that can save us.


This is my favorite religious themed movie since the Exorcist and that is high praise. There are some powerful parts in this movie, some sad, some tense, some upsetting and also some that are creepy as hell.

A lot of people start out unlikable but a lot of them change and grow as the movie progresses. Good Freddy claws people were bitches about 10% of the time but they worked well together when the shit hit the fan and they followed Michael into war even though what he said was crazy bananas.

Great cast, Tara loves Paul Bettany but she complained because he is never shirtless in the movie like he is on the box cover. Someone called it “demon killing satisfaction” but they weren’t demons , they were angels. Great effects with a good story that was original and had a good motive. This is in our top 10 of 2000’s horror.

As you can read we both loved this movie and gave it an 81/100!!

“You gave him what he wanted, I gave him what he needed.”


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I don't believe in long winded reviews. I love Jason Voorhees. My favorite Friday is Friday 4: The Final Chapter (even though it isn’t), but I even like Friday 5: A New Beginning. I know the killer is not technically Jason, but you gotta love little Reckless and the blonde woman who keeps throwing him around. My guilty pleasures are Return of the Living Dead Parts 1 – 3. I know they’re not everyone’s favorites, but I can watch them over and over again with no reprieve. I also happen to think that Return of the Living Dead 3 characters Julie and Curt have one of the greatest love story ever told. When I’m not watching horror movies, I’m usually watching old TV shows or reading books/comics. Currently watching Star Trek: Voyager and reading anything by Dante Alighieri.
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