Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Written by Edgar Wring and Simon Pegg. Directed by Edgar Wright.

Starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Bill Nighy, Dylan Moran, Lucy Davis and Kate Ashfield.

Plot: A not-so-motivated man becomes the hero of the zombie apocalypse.


What can i say about this movie! I love it!!!!! It is so fucking  funny. And it is even scary at times for instance i hate when Pete is in the shower. The entire opening is awesome, all the foreshadowing bits are great.

This is one of those movies that gets better the second time you watch it. Brilliantly written, the setups are priceless. We do appreciate greatness. We love all the homages to the original “dead” movies and other horror movies as well. This is simply a great movie that we even named our dog after it.

The characters are fantastic, you’ve got someone for everyone. It followed rules and was very realistic. It had an absolutely great cast that acted out an amazing script really well. Great direction with a dynamic and quotable script. Awesome soundtrack, who doesn’t love Queen?! Completely and easily re watchable…many many many times. Amazing story.

This is the measuring stick for horror comedies. I still quote this movie despite it being released back in 2004. This movie got some of our highest scores ever!! Tara gave it a 93/100 and i gave it a 98 out of 100. We can not recommend this movie too much. Most horror fans have already seen it but if you haven’t go out and find it right now!!!!!


About DJVoorhees13

I don't believe in long winded reviews. I love Jason Voorhees. My favorite Friday is Friday 4: The Final Chapter (even though it isn’t), but I even like Friday 5: A New Beginning. I know the killer is not technically Jason, but you gotta love little Reckless and the blonde woman who keeps throwing him around. My guilty pleasures are Return of the Living Dead Parts 1 – 3. I know they’re not everyone’s favorites, but I can watch them over and over again with no reprieve. I also happen to think that Return of the Living Dead 3 characters Julie and Curt have one of the greatest love story ever told. When I’m not watching horror movies, I’m usually watching old TV shows or reading books/comics. Currently watching Star Trek: Voyager and reading anything by Dante Alighieri.
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