Halloween III: Season of the Witch (1982)

Written and directed by Tommy Lee Wallace.  Starring Tom Atkins and Stacy Nelkin.

Plot: a man’s death leads his daughter and a doctor to search for answers in a small town eerily controlled by a man with a mask-making company


Me and DJ never liked that Michael wasn’t in a Halloween, so we didn’t rush right out to see it.  But our mother likes this movie, so we gave it a shot.

This is a strange little movie with children dying and women’s faces getting blown off and robots and worms and a commercial so annoyingly addictive you’ll be singing it in your sleep.

“Eight more days til Halloween.  Halloween.  Halloween.  Eight more days til Halloween.  Silver Shamrock!”

The writing/direction is also hilariously annoying.  At one point a man is “squished” by a car that he should NOT have been squished by.  It was sort of like watching Austin Powers where that security guard has his hand out in front of him and he’s screaming even though Austin is miles away at the beginning.  Why did this man not move?  He had time.

And can we talk about the dialogue?  Let me set this scene.  Dr. Challis (Atkins) and Miss Grimbridge (Nelkin) have been flirting for the whole 2 minutes they’ve known each other and now they have to share a room.  So, Grimbridge asks him, “Where do you want to sleep, Dr. Challis?”  And he, so coyly answers with, “That’s a dumb question, Miss Grimbridge.”  So, they sleep together.  And after the sex has already happened, Challis turns to her and asks, “Wait, how old are you?”



It’s a silly movie.  But it has a great cast that really tries to pull off the lines.  The original Halloween is playing on 36 different televisions during the movie, which is cool.  And I really dug the ending.  Honestly, it’s bad, but it’s so bad it’s good.  And funny to watch.

So, we gave it a 41/100, but we still recommend it.  You should see it at least once.  Just watch it with people and drink a bit.  You’ll love it then.

“Yes kids, you too can own one of the big Halloween three. That’s right, THREE horrific masks to chose from. They’re fun, they’re frightening, and they GLOW in the dark.”


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