The Happening (2008)

Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan.  Starring Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo, Spencer Breslin and Alan Ruck.

Plot: a series of horrific suicides have the East Coast in a panic – is it terrorists?  Or is it that nature has had enough of us


Mark Wahlberg is a science teacher (which he plays quite well) whose best friend, John Leguizamo, a fellow teacher, hates Mark’s wife, Zooey Deschanel, because he thinks she cheated on him.  And all this drama plays out while people are committing suicide in the most horrific ways, including throwing themselves off buildings (as seen above).  It’s a very dramatic film, but it also finds little ways to be funny.  Points there.

Our thoughts on the plot and the film itself is this – we love them!!  High points for innovation.  The grizzly, bloody death scenes are wonderful (although we do wish some people had made it to the end).  It’s smart and realistic.  Not everyone thought that nature would be the cause of such dread.  Even at the end some people were unsure of what had happened.  Which, let’s face it, would happen in real life.  Even viewers of the film scoff at the premise thinking it could never happen.  However, scientifically speaking, there are many plants with defense mechanisms that can kill their “predators” and several plants that can take full-size human beings down.


We thought the acting was enjoyable, the plot was highly original and most of the people were likable, which made certain death scenes very sad.  The motive was marvelous.  It followed the rules of science and nature.  Great script, a shitload of thrilling effects, a fabulous story.  The opening was terrific; definitely one that stays with you long after the movie is over.  The ending was perfect and did the same thing.  Wasn’t a jump/scare sort of movie although the old woman was creepy as shit.  This is our favorite of M. Night’s movies.  We both love nature and we cannot imagine that anyone else who loves nature would dislike this movie.

In our horror loving minds we would actually love for this shit to actually happen.  To us, it’s the same as waiting for the zombie apocalypse.  And this movie is made for me.  The animals and the plants were in it together.  The plants didn’t attack the animals.  The animals didn’t die!  Just the people did!!!  I cannot begin to explain how much I love this.  And DJ would have actually liked this movie pushed a little further.  I’m not going to give away the ending, but I will say that DJ wished it had been more “globally scaled”.


We both give it a 93/100.  If they had pushed it a little further, it could have gotten a perfect score.

“You know plants have the ability to target specific threats. Tobacco plants when attacked by heliothis caterpillars will send out a chemical attracting wasps to kill just those caterpillars. We don’t know how plants obtain these abilities, they just evolve very rapidly.”


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