Body Snatchers (1993)

Directed by Abel Ferrara.  Written by Stuart Gordon, Dennis Paoli, Nicholas St. John, Raymod Cistheri and Larry Cohen.  Starring Gabrielle Anwar, Meg Tilly, Christine Elise, R. Lee Ermey and Forest Whitaker.

Plot: a teenager (Anwar) and her family move to a military base where the soldiers are acting strangely and everyone is claiming that their loved ones aren’t really their loved ones


Unlike the first two films, this movie centers around a teenage girl.  And in this, as in life often times, the kids are smarter than the adults.  It’s like The Breakfast Club said, when you get old, your heart dies.

When Gabrielle moves to this military base, creepy things start happening almost immediately.  Including, but not limited to, body snatching and an intense relationship she starts with a man after only 3 hours of knowing him.  It’s honestly the most absurd game of Never Have I Ever we’ve ever seen on film.

But in reference to the actually body snatching, it was annoying.  The screaming is shrill and ineffective.  No upset like the 78 version, just hate.  And at one point Gabrielle has a whole alien body set up, but the still manage to bring the real her back.  That should have been impossible.

Forest Whitaker goes off as usual.  He likes going off in movies.  Getting his scream on. Meg Tilly overacts or underacts depending on the situation, but never just…. acts.  She does give us boobs though, and we thank her for that.  The end was kind of ambiguous as it turns out.  I saw optimism, believing that they had to have gotten help.  DJ does not agree and believes they were all alone.  Decide for yourself.  We do recommend watching it, if only to compare it to the other films.

I gave it a 43/100.  DJ gave it a 39.


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