Tales from the Darkside: The Movie (1990)

Directed by John Harrison.

Plot: a young Matthew Lawrence tells a witch (Deborah Harry), 3 horror tales to keep himself from being eaten


Let’s do this one story at a time, shall we….

“LOT 249”  – written by Michael McDowell, based on a short story by Arthur Conan Doyle

In this story, Steve Buscemi uses a mummy to get his revenge on the wrongs he feels Christian Slater and Julianne Moore committed against him.  I don’t really think Christian deserved so much hate, but it was a good story.  Good cast, good kills.  And DJ loves a good morality tale.

It’s a solid 75/100.


“CAT FROM HELL” – written by George Romero, based on short story by Stephen King

This one is DJ’s favorite of the three.  In it, William Hickey hires Buster Poindexter to kill this cat he thinks is evil, but that cat has other ideas.  The cat is really the protagonist of the story.  We were rooting for him.  Again, there’s a great cast, but also a great motive, great, gory effects, and a great ending.

DJ gave it an 83.


“LOVER’S VOW” – written by Michael McDowell

This one is my favorite.  Always has been.  Since I was a wee one.  Possibly because I identify with Rae Dawn Chong.  She’s biracial, I’m biracial.  She has crazy hair, I have crazy hair.  She gets to kiss James Remar, I wouldn’t mind it at all….

But anywho, the plot is not one I can really give away, so I’ll just say that James Remar is attacked by a creature and then he falls in love with Rae Dawn.

It’s an original, I’ll say that.  There’s likable characters, a good script.  It’s realistic and it followed the rules it created.  I gave it an 83.


Altogether, it’s a fantastic movie.  Little Matthew does a nice job as the story teller and the whole wraparound story actually wraps around nicely.

We give it a 79/100.  Have fun watching it!!


About TaraRomero

I love 28 Days Later and insist that they are zombies. Infected zombies, but zombies. It's not like they're coming back, are they? No. I also have a strange obsession with Brainscan because I have a stranger obsession with Edward Furlong (mostly pre-drugged up Edward - bless his heart, I've met him and he's lovely and I'll love him till I die). Besides horror I'm addicted to writing about everything I see and think and feel. Also, I read a lot and watch too many game shows. Currently reading Poe and watching Idiotest.
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