Final Destination (2000)

Directed by James Wong.  Written by Wong, Glen Morgan and Jeffrey Reddick.  Starring Devon Sawa, Ali Larter, Kerr Smith, Seann William Scott, Tony Todd, Amanda Detmer and Brendan Fehr.

Plot: after a group of students and their teacher avoid dying in a plane crash, Death starts to hunt them down one by one


The Final Destination franchise is one of my favorites in all of horror.  Not certain why. I’m not particularly afraid of death.  I don’t LOVE gore.  And I hate the idea that there’s no way to win this little game of fate that all these people find themselves trapped in.  And yet, I love the movies.  I mean, the original is obviously way better than say, the 4th installment, but I recommend them all.

In the first movie a boy named Alex (Sawa) has a premonition that the plane he and his friends are on is going to crash.  He warns everyone to get off, but only a select few do. They live.  The rest, well, they blow up in the sky.  After that, the survivors, some dealing better than others, start to die.  It’s the ultimate motive.  Death is coming for us all eventually.  Some of us will die tomorrow.  Some 50 years from now.  In that way, the premise is sort of realistic.  Being perfectly honest, 16 years ago we went to see this movie in the theaters with our mother and our cousin.  On the way home, our cousin was so bothered by it that he wouldn’t put his seat belt on.  He just held it across his body.  It made no sense, but he was generally scared and it was genuinely humorous.  Maybe that’s why these movies hold a special place with me.

When?  How?  Why?  Who knows?  Will your seat belt being on save you or will it be the thing that traps you in a car on fire?

Also, these movies are great for parties.  Drinking games abound.  For this one, I recommend a sip of something sour every time someone says the word ‘death’.

I give the movie a 90/100.  DJ an 86.  Favorite death sequence: the one with the bus.  It’s so simple and yet so shocking.  Totally didn’t see it coming the first time I watched it.

***I wish they had left some of the deleted scenes in the movie.  Especially the ones that furthered Alex and Clear’s relationship.


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