Dark Summer (2015)

Directed by Paul Solet.  Written by Mike Le.  Starring Keir Gilchrist, Peter Stormare, Grace Phipps, Maestro Harrell and Stella Maeve.

Plot: a teen on house arrest experiences a haunting


Daniel (Gilchrist) is on house arrest after harassing Mona (Phipps).  Only it’s apparent that he does actually love Mona.  He’s just a little creepy about it.  Apparently, she loves him, too, though and is more than a little creepy in return.  So, the movie starts with two teenagers in love being more than a little creepy about it.  And the one that’s on house arrest suddenly gets a video call from the one who isn’t, only to watch her kill herself via the internet.

This is an IFC film.  I only choose to bring that up because we seem to hate all their horror movies.  Give us a good indie flick any day of the week and we’re delighted, but not this weird, indie horror crap they have going on.  Not sure why, but IFC only makes horror that is brooding and angsty and warped beyond anything that is necessary.

Aside from the IFC title giving us our doubts, the movie is slow.  It’s not that long, but it’s slow.  And the movie is really shitty.  I mean, it sucks in a really shitty way.  We feel so bad for little Daniel.  The end doesn’t help him out either.  I wanted to cry after watching this.

And if we’re being honest, isn’t this movie just a darker Disturbia.

Me and DJ agreed on a 30/100.  Watch it if you’re an IFC freak I guess.


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