Specters (AKA Reel Evil) (2012)

Directed by Danny Draven.  Written by Draven and Shane Bitterling.  Starring Jeff Adler, Kaiwi Lyman-Mersereau and Jessica Morris.

Plot: struggling filmmakers decide to shoot a BTS documentary for extra cash and their lives turn into a nightmare as they explore the haunted location

maxresdefault (1)

James, Corey and Kennedy, real filmmakers, are struggling.  They take a job doing behind the scenes footage for a terrible movie complete with egotistical director, diva actress and greedy producer.  The beginning of the movie is actually horrible, but if you press on it gets better.

Kennedy’s the one that gets them all killed.  She keeps wanting to explore everything.  The boys are like “No Kennedy, let’s not”, but she does anyway and they follow her because she’s a wimpy girl and can’t be left alone.  Their thoughts of course, not mine.

Nothing Kennedy says is reasonable.  The movie is really slow to start.  There’s not too many actual on-screen deaths.  But there’s plenty of boob shots.  One big steady shot coming from an actual porn star.  Yeah.  Points.

We would have really liked more story about the doctor of the asylum and his patients.  It’s a little weaker than the hospital movies we usually love, but it’s still a fun watch.

I gave it a 46/100 and DJ gave it a 53.


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I love 28 Days Later and insist that they are zombies. Infected zombies, but zombies. It's not like they're coming back, are they? No. I also have a strange obsession with Brainscan because I have a stranger obsession with Edward Furlong (mostly pre-drugged up Edward - bless his heart, I've met him and he's lovely and I'll love him till I die). Besides horror I'm addicted to writing about everything I see and think and feel. Also, I read a lot and watch too many game shows. Currently reading Poe and watching Idiotest.
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