Los Inocentes (AKA Bloody April Fool’s) (2013)

Written and directed by Carlos Alonso-Ojea, Didac Cervera, Marta Diaz de Lope Diaz, Laura Garcia, Eugeni Guillem, Ander Iriarte, Marc Martinez, Ruben Montero, Arnau Pons, Marc Pujolar and Miguel Sanchez. Additional writers are Albert Camps, Celia Lopez, Gerard Marti, Adria Naranjo, Daniel Padro and Lluis Segura.

Starring Diana Gomez, Charlotte Vega, Enric Auquer, Alex Batllori, Mario Marzo, Paula Malia and Alex Mele.

Plot: on April Fool’s Day, a group of friends end up at an abandoned hotel after getting lost – they party and start getting picked off


This film was made during senior year at ESCAC (Barcelona’s film school).  Hence the oh-so-many names involved.  You’d think having that may hands in the pot might weigh a movie down.  Mess it all up.  But it doesn’t.

It’s a good revenge tell in the vein of Friday the 13th.  There’s a devastating opening that leaves you wanting someone dead.  And then, those someone’s start to die.  Satisfaction!

There’s A LOT of boob shots.  Delightful innovation.  Good acting.  Realistic.  Pleasurable story.  Stomach-churning effects.  The people weren’t very likable, but that was the point.

We were only really disappointed by the ending and the fact that everyone dies too soon. We are left with only 2 people quite early into the film and some of it ends up being a little boring after that.  So, we’d definitely say that the first half is better than the last half, but we still highly recommend it.

We give it a 71/100.


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