Day of the Dead: Bloodline (2018)

Directed by Hector Hernandez Vicens.  Written by Mark Tonderai and Lars Jacobson.  Starring Sophie Skelton, Marcus Vanco and Johnathon Schaech.

Plot: this is supposed to be more like the original, and it is, but no


This movie is all over the place.  This is more of a reimagining than a straight remake, but the differences were just so difficult to swallow.  What made the original movie fun was gone.  Bub, for instance, is now called Max and he is nothing of what Bub was.

For one thing, Max is rapey, even after becoming a zombie.  Yup.  And Bub never was.  But Max won’t hurt her in other ways.  Like, he won’t bite her.  Which doesn’t make sense at all.  Then, after he’s a zombie completely, he starts tracking Zoe like a damned bloodhound.  He rolls under a frickin’ truck and holds on, smelling her all the way to her location.  No human/zombie noses should be able to do that.

And how did she know that Max wouldn’t hurt her anyway?  He was rapey in real life, so how, after one frickin’ minute, did she know that he wouldn’t hurt her when zombie?


The whole movie is too over-the-top.  Her weak ass narration is horrible.  The writing is horrible (why does the little girl run towards the zombies when freaking out?).  The specials weren’t too bad, just unreasonably gory.  They simply changed what didn’t need changing.

As for an actual fear factor, Max was creepy to me (as pictured above), but none of the other zombies were.

My score: 21.  DJ’s score: 12.


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  1. justin says:

    love this blog


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanksand good luck to you too Hadas!

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