The Prowler (1981)

Directed by Joseph Zito.  Written by Glenn Leopold, Neal Barbera, Mark Edward Edens, Michael Edens, Eric Lewald and Sarah Higgins.  Starring Vicky Dawson, Christopher Goutman, Farley Granger and Lawrence Tierney.

Plot: an unknown killer in WWII fatigues, stalks and kills a bunch of college kids during a school dance


This overly dramatic slasher is just what you need sometimes.  It’s unintentionally funny, lacking all motive and plot, but has some of the nicest kill scenes thanks to Tom Savini.  It’s really not a very good movie at all, but it’s entertaining in a way that makes us recommend at least one viewing.

As usual there is some very nonsensical things that happen.  For instance, a girl gets kicked in the head by The Prowler while in the swimming pool and then she flails around really hardcore like even though nothing is happening to her anymore.  In another scene we have The Prowler, who has killed everyone else in his path, decide to keep the deputy alive for some reason.  He must like the wave of his hair.  And in case you wanted to know, The Prowler is invincible like.  He gets shot.  He gets stabbed.  He keeps coming.


Oh, and enjoy the closing music.  It’s not like you’ve been watching a horror movie, but rather a lovely fawn drinking water out of a stream.

My score: 54.  DJ’s score: 43.


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