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I suppose I could list my favorite movies here, but instead I'll give you a strange glimpse into what makes me TaraRomero. 1. When I'm alone I like to sing really loudly to songs I know really well and pretend I'm actually good at it. 2. I am a bonified Hiddlestoner. 3. I have kept a journal for the last 25 years and I still own every one of them. 4. I like ordering travel magazines and picking out trips I'm going to take when I'm rich. 5. I'm currently worrying about my brother. I always worry about my brother. He's younger and it's my job. 6. If I knew I was dying in one hour, I would type a very strange email and then go spend time with my family (including my fur babies). 7. The best non-horror movie I've seen recently is The Giant Mechanical Man. 8. I am obsessed with Bob's Burgers and I watch one episode every night before I go to bed. 9. If I had a son I'd name him Malachai (as in Christian Mythology). If I had a daughter I'd name her Antigone (as in Greek Mythology). 10. My favorite band is and I supposed always will be, Matchbox Twenty. However, the music has become more upbeat lately and I don't like it as much. Just being honest.

Fun Size Horror: Volume One (2015)

Plot: a whole compilation of bite-size horror stories This is a hard movie to rate.  With over 15 directors and 25 writers, there were a lot of hands in the pot.  And unfortunately it didn’t come out as anything we … Continue reading

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Ruin Me (2017)

Directed by Preston DeFrancis.  Written by DeFrancis and Trysta A. Bisett.  Starring Marcienne Dwyer, Matt Dellapina, Eva Hamilton, Chris Hill, John Odom, Rocky Rector, Cameron Gordon and Sam Ashdown. Plot: Alex reluctantly goes on the ultimate horror movie experience, not … Continue reading

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Channel Zero: Candle Cove (2016)

Directed by Craig William Macneill.  Written by Nick Antosca, Don Mancini, Harley Peyton, Erica Saleh, Katie Gruel and Mallory Westfall.  Based on a story by Kris Straub.  Starring Paul Schneider, Fiona Shaw, Natalie Brown, Luisa d’Oliveira, Shaun Benson, Luca Villacis, … Continue reading

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The Body (2018)

Directed by Paul Davis.  Written by Davis and Paul Fisher.  Starring Tom Bateman, Rebecca Rittenhouse, Aurora Perrineau, David Hull, Ray Santiago, Harvey Guillen, Max Adler, Alex Winter’s voice and John Landis in a small cameo. Plot: a hitman finds his … Continue reading

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Interview with the Vampire (1994)

Directed by Neil Jordan.  Written by Anne Rice.  Starring Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Kirsten Dunst, Antonio Banderas, Christian Slater, Stephen Rea and Thandie Newton. Plot: Louis (Pitt) tells his eventful vampire story to biographer, Daniel (Slater) So, this may be … Continue reading

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Annihilation (2018)

Written and directed by Alex Garland, based on a book by Jeff VanderMeer.  Starring Natalie Portman, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez, Tuva Novotny, Oscar Isaac and Benedict Wong. Plot: a group of women enter “The Shimmer”, a mysterious … Continue reading

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Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Directed by Rick Rosenthal.  Written by Larry Brand and Sean Hood.  Starring Busta Rhymes, Tyra Banks, Katee Sackhoff, Ryan Merriman, Sean Patrick Thomas, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Bianca Kajlich and Jamie Lee Curtis. Plot: Michael returns to his dilapidated house at … Continue reading

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Halloween H20: 20 Years Later (1998)

Directed by Steve Miner.  Written by Robert Zappia and Matt Greenberg.  Starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Josh Hartnett, Michelle Williams, Jodi Lyn O’Keefe, Adam Hann-Byrd, Adam Arkin, Janet Leigh, LL Cool J and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Plot: Michael comes after Laurie again, … Continue reading

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Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers

Directed by Joe Chappelle.  Written by Daniel Farrands.  Starring Donald Pleasance, Paul Rudd, Marianne Hagan, Devin Gardner and George P. Wilbur. Plot: Jaime is pregnant and then killed shortly after giving birth – Tommy Doyle finds the baby and decides … Continue reading

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The Mummy (1932)

Directed by Karl Freund.  Screenplay written by John L. Balderston, from a story by Nina Wilcox Putnam and Richard Schayer.  Starring Boris Karloff, Zita Johann, David Manners, Arthur Byron, Bramwell Fletcher and Noble Johnson. Plot: Egyptian mummy, Imhotep, stalks a … Continue reading

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